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We are DrivenPassionateCertifiedTransformers

Profit First Advisory services for IT and Service Based Businesses that are sick of not being profitable.

What We Can Do For You

Transform your Business

Coming from a place of being unprofitable  in 2019, we are passionate about helping you transform

Seamless implementation

Our process to implement using Profit First Methodology will ensure your success.

Certified Profit First Professional

Being certified is so important to

Understand the pain

Running an IT company for over 14 years we understand the industry and the common pain points which is why our focus is primarily IT companies

Why Us?

Brendan has worked with many business owners on implementing the Profit First framework.

Meet Our Team

Brendan Gibson

Optimus Profit

From the author of Profit First

Really Happy Clientele

“Working with Brendan and implementing Profit First has had a dramatically positive impact to our business.

We were already profitable and thought we were doing alright, however after implementing profit first, we realised we took a lot of cash for granted and that our operating expenses were way too high!

Implementing Profit First and having Brendan keep us accountable took us from 7% net profit, to 14% net profit in just over 12 months!

This is an amazing system and makes it easy for business owners to implement. We will never be turning back from here!”

– Leon Black – Inspired Techs

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